Cabbage Patch Kids Gift Shop Frequently Asked Questions

Are African American, Asian, or Hispanic Cabbage Patch Kids available for adoptions?
Most of the ‘Kids you see pictured at CPK Online are available in African American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian skin tones.

Can I order a ‘Kid with a specific name or birth date?
For $3 extra, most Cabbage Patch Kids adopted from CPK Online can have the name and birthday you’ve always wanted.

Does CPK Online ship merchandise internationally?
Yes, additional shipping and handling will be charged depending on the destination. Payment must be made in US dollars. Recipient is responsible for any customs charges and/or import duties.

Do you have a catalog?
Because CPK Online’s merchandise changes rapidly, we do not publish a catalog. Good news! Our web site contains the most up-to-date selection of ‘Kids available.

Have additional questions?
We are happy to help you. If you have additional questions regarding CPK Online’s merchandise, please feel free to e-mail us: We will reply during our business hours, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Eastern Time.