Have a Birthday Party at BabyLand General Hospital


Surprise your child with a Cabbage Patch Kids® Birthday party at
BabyLand General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia. 

  • Visit with the Cabbage Patch Kids
  • Listen for a special announcement of your child’s birthday over the Hospital PA
  • Witness a delivery with members of your party allowed to name the baby
  • Spend an 1 ½ in our private party room (up to 20 guests)
  • Receive a FREE Cabbage Patch Kids t-shirt for the Birthday Child
  • Includes Cabbage Patch Kids party favors (for ages 3 and up) and paper products
  • Includes party set-up and clean-up

Choose from three different party times (subject to availability):
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

$100 plus sales tax for up to 12 children. Additional guests $10 per child

To book a party call or email:  706-865-2171 ext. “550” for operator.

If you plan on more than 20 guests, ask about birthday parties in our Ballroom.

BabyLand General Hospital, 300 N.O.K. Drive, Cleveland, GA 30528
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Terms and Conditions of Parties


Guest Arrival:  Please tell your guests to check-in with the front desk nurse. The nurse will  page an escort to show your guests to Otis Lee’s Party Room.  .

Facilities:  The party room is located at the end of the main room on the left hand side of the Magic Crystal Tree.  The room includes counter space and a sink.

Departures:  We wish to offer a fun, clean party experience for everyone.  With only an hour between parties for clean up, it is very important that you show courtesy to the next guests and leave the party room on time.

Deposits:  Full payment is due at the time of booking to hold your reservation.  The party fee is 100% refundable if you cancel 30 day prior to your party date.

Cancellation Policies:  If you cancel within 30 days of your party date, we will help you reschedule your party for another date.  Cancellations made within 7 days of your scheduled party date are charged a $25 fee.

Date Changes:  You are always welcome to reschedule up to 1 week prior to your party provided we have that date and time available.

Cancellations for Inclement Weather or Unforeseen Circumstances:  From time to time, BabyLand General must close for bad weather due to ice and snow.  If your party is cancelled by BabyLand General due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstance, we will work with you to reschedule the party.  If rescheduling is not possible, we will refund 100% of your payment.

Decorations:  We provide all the Cabbage Patch Kids decorations for a festive Birthday Party.  Please do not attach anything to our walls, decorate with confetti or use silly string.

Food and Drink Policy:  Please confine all food and drink to Otis Lee’s Party Room.  Food and drinks are not allowed inside BabyLand General Hospital since some of the Cabbage Patch Kids are allergic to different foods, especially chocolate!

Drop off of Party Guests:  The host parent is responsible for children attending a party at BabyLand.  The host parent is welcome to bring other parents, relatives, etc. as chaperones as they are not charged as a party guest.  Otis Lee’s Party Room will accommodate up to 20 people.  Parents and chaperones are welcome and encouraged to take pictures and sit in on the party activities.

Lost and Found:  Should anyone in the party leave behind any items, please see the dismissal nurse or call us at 706-865-2171 ext. 501.



Each Birthday Party includes the following Cabbage Patch Kids Paper Products:

 32  Beverage Napkins

32  Lunch Napkins

16  Dessert Plates

16  Dinner Plates

16  Hot/Cold Cups

1 Cabbage Bud Centerpiece

1 Birthday Banner

2 Table Covers

16 Invitations

16 Thank You Notes

Forks and Spoons



Cabbage Patch Kids Party Favors for 12 children:

Special Note:  All Cabbage Patch Kids party favors are recommended for ages 3 and up

Party Hat

Blow Out

Plastic Party Cup

Treat Bag


Zipper Pull

Charm Bracelet


Gift for Birthday Child:

Cabbage Patch Kids Birthday T-shirt, please specify size when booking party


Please Remember To Bring:

Any food and drinks you wish to provide


Cake Cutter


And most importantly, presents!



Date of Event:  ___________________________


Time Requested:        10 -11:30 AM             12:30 – 2PM                3 – 4:30 PM


Birthday Party Room:  1 ½ hours for 12 children  $100.00 plus 7% sales tax

Additional guests $10 each


Contact _________________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________________


Home Phone Number ____________________ Cell Phone Number _________________


Email Address ___________________________ # Attending ______Age group _________


Child’s Age ______     Child’s Name ____________________


T-shirt Size:  2T         3T        4T        5/6       Youth:  XS      S          M        L


How  did you hear about our Party Room?  Newspaper   Radio  Magazine Facebook  Other



100% Deposit Required to Reserve Otis Lee’s Party Room


Cash ___________ Check # ___________ Credit Card ___________________________


Expires ________________ Security code on back ___________


We are looking forward to hosting your Birthday Party at BabyLand General Hospital.  The above event order confirms all arrangements for your Party.  We ask that you review and read the event order carefully.  Indicate your acceptance by signing below and return a signed copy to BabyLand at your earliest convenience.  If you wish to make any adjustments, you may do so directly on the contract or call 706-865-2171 ext. “550” for operator before returning the copy.


Signed ________________________________________________________


Date _______________________________________


Accepted at BLGH by _____________________________________________________